by Vanessa Obunde

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A select few of songs written during my high school years between 2014 and 2015. These are snapshots of the past; a trip down memory lane that I know many of you will take with me.


released September 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Vanessa Obunde Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

21 year old Christian, acoustic singer-songwriter currently completing her undergraduate in Music and Worship and exploring the creative writing arena. She is a lover of words and story-telling that is true to a life lived by faith.

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Track Name: Forever and a Day
Hand in hand we watch the stars
A glimmer of light in the naked dark
Time left me gaping
The night, the night is fading

The morning sun is shining on
The road to our city of ember
We've got forever and a day
We've got miles and miles so let's stay

Jump in we'll go for a ride
And move past familiar boulevards
It'll take a while before we've seen it all

Take a picture, it lasts longer
Cause soon enough the sun will set
And the years we've spent
Will leave their mark

IChorus 2)
Jump in we'll go for a ride
And move past familiar boulevards
It'll take awhile before we've seen it all
It's a trip down memory lane and we'll see ourselves in a different way
Don't worry 'bout the time
We've got forever and a day

Look back we've covered ground
It's hard to tell where we started from and where this will end
Track Name: Mayhem and Foolishness
Funny how we fumble with the truth
And I wonder why we're asking for more proof
To define what's already been defined
To break open the door that has been unlocked

Crazy how we choose to close our eyes
Then we stumble letting out an empty cry
And it's all because we couldn't care less
It's all mayhem and foolishness

Could we simply turn on the lights
Before this darkness gets the best of us
Don't need a special revelation
Cause just any explanation would be
Mayhem and foolishness

Silly how we hide behind the lies
Yet for our sake was made the greatest sacrifice
Oh I don't know how it could come to this
Mayhem and foolishness

What more do you want when all that you need
Was slain on Calvary's tree
Can't you see this is love
He's more than enough
All the truth that you seek
He says come to me
Track Name: It's You
Hope like no hope is what I've come to have
Cause I know that through all His love covers all
And I find myself, smiling in the tempest
Cause I have hope
Hope like no other

Peace, perfect peace like no other
Is what I've come to feel
Cause through Christ I am saved and forgiven
And I find myself calm through the storm
Cause I have peace like no other

Cause it's you, it's you
The makes me knew
Makes me shine so bright like a star of light
I have everything I need in Your love
And through all of this, I see through the blur
It's You

Strength like no strength
is what I've come to show
In Your death, I have life so what am I to fear
And I find myself wading in the deepest
Cause I strength like no other

It's been Your hand holding mine
All the while
And though my flaws left me scarred
It's You, it's you that makes me new

Love like no other
Is what I've come know
Cause all You are is love
And I find myself indebted to You
Track Name: Stepping Stones
Seasons are shifting
The weather changing
The air feels thicker and the horizon farther away
Not too far back I was dancing in the rain
Now I'm soaked through and I'm starting to feel the weight

You know what they say
It's just not the way it used to be when burdens were lighter
The struggle so much simpler
Life required so much less of me

So I figured it all comes down to here and now
Where little makes sense but it's enough to prove
That every disappointment
The lessons learned the little things shared and earned
He worked it out so they'd be stepping stones

Reality settles in I'm realizing my place in all of this
A lifetime could've gone by
Lord knows I've been blind
It took me a while but He's been putting the pieces just right

Cause from the very first hello at the start of the unknown
To the heavy heart on sorrows lonely road
It's these little things that go along way
I'm finally seeing the colors in the gray
Track Name: The Question
What do you know about love?
is it a feeling you can't get enough?
Or that person that you think of when you're needing attention?

Is it stronger than the winds that blow?
Are you willing to die to let another grow?
Do you know about love or is it plain old affection?

There's nothing left to feel no more
What you're looking for
Is a cross and a crown of thorns
What you don't understand
Love's other name is sacrifice
Said, there's nothing left to feel no more

Emotions are temporary
And our feelings leave little room for mercy
Cause when you're done you're done
When you want someone better have what you're demanding

See how we've messed up relationships
True love's the reality
That life's about discomfort
We don't know what love is
Till we've held His hands and felt the depths of His scars

How deep the Father's love for us
How vast beyond all measure
The He would give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure
Track Name: Sojourner
Sojourner (Single)
by The Collective UG
Sojourner (Single) cover art
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In small portions, Life's savory
But in the same breath, we've tasted misery
Amidst the dunes of time, the truth we're longing to stand by
Deliverance He's promised

Oh how quickly we forget, the power in your Name
We're running without reason blind to what is ours today
The art of meditation, Oh Lord may we boldly reclaim
For strength is found in Your presence

Where souls lie hush to every foe
And the orphaned child has found a home
A slave becomes a sojourner

May Your wisdom silence
My idle pondering
My many words are empty of the fullness that Yours bring
Oh Spirit be my clarity as i roam the land i reside
May I gaze upon your perfection

To Know that You're the voice that speaks
to the storm that rages on in me
We've overcome the enemy

Till You call me home
Where 'er I roam
Jesus morning star
Take me onwards

It's by your grace we find new life
And all that's past is left behind
Free as a sojourner